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Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Vixen inspired


Today's mani was inspired by China Glaze's Vintage Vixen collection. I had done it for Glamorous Geek Chic's giveaway (about a month ago), in order to get a few more entries. I was very proud of myself to come up with the design on my own. I had mentioned this in my Welcome Post, but hadn't elaborate much.

This is the inspiration picture:

Here's what I used:

- Sally Hansen 4-in-1 treatment
- Rimmel 60 Seconds #819 Green With Envy
- 4 Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush (brown, mahogany, golden glitter, pearly white), bought on eBay
- Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus

Here's the final result:

I chose green for the background, as the "Vixen" is wearing a green beret. The brown/mahogany prickly circle in the middle is the brooch on the necklace. And the white dots, of course, are the pearls for the necklace.

There you go! Hope you guys like it. ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Revlon swatches

Here's the first swatches from my mini haul. I'm starting with the Revlon Top Speed Jaded and Lily.

I do realized the quality sucks. The battery had died, and I had to use the one on my cellphone. And I just realized that I haven't cleaned up the cuticles, so please forgive me!

 More swatches to come, so stay tuned!

EDITED on 09/27 (12:48am (AST)), to add:
Susie's comment made me realized that I didn't really talked about anything, lol! Thanks for these questions, otherwise, I never would've realized! ;D

Application wise, it takes at least 2 coats to get an even finish. Jaded was 3 coats, but Lily has 2. It dries pretty quickly, so by the time I was done the last nail in my hand, the first one was already dry to touch. The brushes glided fairly well, didn't have any problem with the application in general. The formula was a bit thin, to be honest, but it was still manageable.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Excitement ahoy, I went on a small shopping spree! I had a crappy morning, and had to run some errands, and just couldn't resist buying these:

From left to right:
- Tone Body Wash, Mango Splash
- Revlon Top Speed, #320 Jaded
- Revlon Top Speed, #610 Lily
- Sally Hansen HD, Hue 
- Joe, Matte Top Coat
- Joe, Wine
- Joe, Fig

I threw in the body wash too, 'cause I bought it on an impulse. It smells divine, and can't wait to try it out!

I was happy to find the Joes polishes, because I had never seen them before. I was looking for them through the nail polish display, but they were on a separate rotating shelve. I'm a little surprise at the size of the bottles, as I never realized 6ml was so little. But for the price ($4 or 3/$10) it's not so bad. I've never tried a matte finish before, so I'll try that on my next mani!

Swatches to come over the next few days! Stay tuned! ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Giveaways everywhere

Another week of giveaways you can enter.

All Things Nails is having a Welcome Giveaway that ends on September 30th. 2 prizes to win:


NAIL FANATIC is having her 600th follower giveaway, ending on October 20th 11:59 EST. Here's what you can win:

FunnyFace Beauty is having her 300 subscribers giveaway, ending on October 10th. There's a total of 5 prizes to win, and up to 19 ways to enter. How great is that? Here's a picture of all prizes combined:

 Scandalously Polished is having a 666th giveaway, ending on October 10, at 7:06am (yup, 7:06). 2 grand prizes, but too many pictures to post them all. Here's part of the first prize:

The Lacquer Files is giving away a brand new bottle of Nfu Oh #51 for her birthday. How generous, uh? The giveaway ends on October 27, 11:59 PM (CET). Here's a picture:

CucumPear's Onyx Phalanx is having a double birthday giveaway, ending on October 23rd at 23:59 (CEST). Looots of goodies will go to one winner:

EDITED on 09/25 to add:
Magic Maid is having maaaany giveaways for 1000+ followers. She's very generous like that. ;)

1) 4 Milani polishes, ending on October 6th.

2) Nail Fraud stickers, ending on October 8th.

 3) BB Couture, ending on October 22nd.

Good luck to all!!

Nail Treatment, week 2

Sooo.. I'm a little disappointed in the treatment, as I broke a nail yesterday, opening a window. It cracked, like many of my nails do, a little under the "smile". I was able to glue it back together, but I never thought I'd break my pinky finger nail. I also thought the treatment would make my nails stronger, but it isn't. So.. I guess I'd give this product 3 out of 5. My nails do feel stronger, but they aren't really. 

Here's what they look like on the start of week 3, completely naked:


They did grow a little more than after week 1, but all in all, I think I could have achieved the same result with any other strengthener. I will keep on using this, 'cause I payed pretty pennies for the stuff, but I won't buy it again.

More nail art over the few days! Stay tuned! :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Slanted black French

Today's design is inspired by micky2515's mani on Youtube, that you can watch here: Click! I was ecstatic when a lady at the store noticed my nails and told me they looked good! It was the first time someone had noticed my nails and made a comment about them. Felt great!

For this, I used:
- Sally Hansen 4-in-1 treatment as a base coatf
- The cheap eBay liners in black and white
- Maybeline Salon Expert #700 Black Is Black
- L.A. Colors Art Deco NA903 Silver Glitter
- Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus

I had waited at least an hour before putting on the top coat, but it still dragged some of the black polish all over the nails.. Oh well.. Now I learned that it can't be trusted for French manis!  

Migraine obliged, I'm gonna stop it here, and go to bed before my head explodes. See you next post! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Giveaways I'm entering this week

Because everyone likes free stuff, I'm no different then anybody, and I'm entering a few giveaways this week. Here they are, in no particular order:

For Your Nails Only has a "You're A DeadGgiveaway" for Halloween, ending on October 8 at 11:59pm (EST). Her giveaway is sponsored by Color Club, and here's what you can win:

Bathroom Dancer is having her first 50 followers giveaway, ending on October 30th. She has a few Hello Kitty items that she took in Japan, and are fairly rare. Here's the loot:

Milan & Vanaily are doing their first giveaway too, ending September 17th. They have tons of stuff to give out, including mood jewelry given by Claire's. Here's pictures of two prizes:

So there you have it, folks!

EDIT on 09/16 to add:

Konad-licious! is having a giveaway sponsored by lovely Glitter Gal, ending October 10th. You can 3 holographic polish of your choice. That's right, you choose which ones you want out of the 15 available! I can't really post a pick of the colors, 'cause I'd have to post each individual ones, but here's what Konad-licious! used:

Oh My Gosh is giving away the complete Orly Cosmix FX collection in her birthday giveaway, ending September 18th at midnight. I do believe it's sponsored by Enchantra. Here's what's on the line:

Forever The Ugly Duckling is having her first giveaway too, ending October 15th at 11pm (GMT)! Here's what you can win:

Konad Addict is having her first giveaway as well, ending on September 24th. Here are the goodies:

EDITED on 09/19 to add:

Jeweled Tips is having a Confetti giveaway! Here's what you can get:

Good luck to all! :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Modified pink French


Today's manicure didn't turn out as good as I had planned it, but that's okay. 



I used Sally Hansen's 4-in-1 Treatment as a base coat, and Nicole by OPI Top Coat. I can't tell you much about the other products I used, since they don't really have names. I bought 48 polishes on eBay, and they were in a sorta kit. Each bottle has the same thing on it: "Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush". Here they are:

There you go! There's only 1 mani left from before I started the blog, so I'm almost caught up. I'll most likely post it later this week. 

Ciao! :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nail Treatment, week 1

So far, I don't think miracles happened. Yes, my nails are a little harder than they usually are, but it didn't stop one of them from splitting. In all fairness, it had already split prior to the treatment, though. 

I put on the cuticle oil once a day, though I missed 2 days in the week because I wasn't at home. Here's what my nails look like after a week of treatment:

I'm gonna try something different this week. I'm gonna try and put on the cuticle oil 3 times a day. Apparently, it encourages growth as well, which is what I need!

Stay tuned for more! I'm probably gonna post a new manicure in a day or two.


Giveaways I'm entering this week

There are 2 giveaways that caught my eyes this week, and I'd like to share them. 

The first one is from Never Enough Nails. You can read about it: Click! The giveaway ends at midnight (EST) on September 19th. Here's what you can win:

Cool effect with the red light, eh?

The second giveaway is from Polish On Digital Paper. You can read about it here: Click! The giveaway ends at 7pm (EST) on September 24th. Here's what you can win:

So here you have it folks! Good luck to all! :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today's manicure's taken from a Youtube Tutorial by MimiMemeko, that you can see by clicking here -> Click!. Since I have limited colors, I couldn't do a different color for each nails. Here's what it looks like:


What I used:
- Sally Hansen 4-in-1 Treatment
- Rimmel 60 Seconds #819 Green With Envy
-  Sally Hansen Maximum Growth - #12 Fearless Fushia  
- Maybeline Salon Expert #700 Black Is Black 
- Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics - #02 White Tips
- Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat Pro 

I used a toothpick to do the little tear at the bottom of the "fabric", the threads at the bottom of the fabric and on the button, and the button holes. I just plopped the pink polish on top of each nails. My grandma didn't want to believe me that I did it all by myself! I was proud! ;D

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be able my experiment! :D


Friday, September 10, 2010

Pearly white French


Here's a 2 for 1 mani today, as I did the same on my fingers and toes. I just used different stickers. 

I don't know about you, but I find that really white French manicures always look like they're fake. It may be very well done on natural nails, but to me, I think it makes my nails look fake. 

Last summer, for my brother's wedding, I was chosen maid of honor by my then future-sister-in-law. This was an amazing feeling to be chosen for that important function! Of course, wedding also means pictures are gonna be taken. I had grown my nails extra long for the occasion, and I wanted to do my own nails. I didn't trust the 2 last nail techs I had gone to, so I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. 

While at the pharmacy, I wanted to buy a French tip pen. I took the wrong one by mistake, and it was a really great mistake to make! Instead of taking a regular white pen, I took the pearly white pen. It just looks amazing! I think it looks classier than a regular white, and it doesn't look fake. I've been using the same pen since, so it means there's a lot of applications in that little pen.

On to the manicures! I realize the one on my toes is a little shaky, as I didn't use any guides. Looking at it up close, it shows, but from up above, it looks good.

What I used:
- Sally Hansen 4-in-1 Treatment (base coat)
- Nailene Pearl White French Tip Pen
- L.A. Colors Art Deco NA903 Silver Glitter
- Nailene Groovy Chick Nail Art stickers
- Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus

It's hard to distinguish which stickers I used for my thumb and ring finger, but I used a butterfly for the thumb, and some dots for the ring finger. I'm learning how to use my camera, and I think I've found how to use the macros properly. So in about 3 manis, you'll have a proper one! :P

Ciao for now! ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

French mani, with pink and orange squiggles

For the next few days, I'll post about manicures I did a few weeks before, up until I'm all caught up to my actual mani. So far, I don't have anything on them but the treatment, but I'm planning to do a special one for my Hun's birthday tomorrow!!

This is my first attempt at a French without any guide, just free hand. I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it looked, but as my Hun says:"You gotta start somewhere, punum."

What I used:
- Sally Hansen Miracle Cure (base coat)
- Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics - #02 White Tips
- Revlon Glimmer Gloss - #605 Grapefruit Glimmer
- Sally Hansen Maximum Growth - #12 Fearless Fushia
- Wet n Wild Wild Shine - #405 Sunny Side Up
- Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat Pro 

One year, for Christmas, I had received a basic manicure kit, and there was some sort of plastic cuticle stick with a rubber tip. I used the plastic end of it to do the pink and orange squiggles. I used a toothpick for the pink underline of the tip. I have since bought some brushes, to make my life easier! :P

It was the first time I had used Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics - #02 White Tips. It's goopy, and thick, and a little hard to apply. Granted, I was trying to free hand the tip, so the application might've been easier had I used a guide.

Stay tuned for more! :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nail Treatment, review in progress

For the past 2 weeks, I've been desperately gluing the corners of 3 of my nails in my right hand, in the hope they'd keep on growing to the point past the splits. For some reason, they seem to be weaker than usual, and split more easily. I had already cut my thumb nail real short, because the glue wouldn't work, so only the pinky nail was still intact. 

When I closed the fridge door earlier today, I somehow manage to split a new level in my pointer finger, so I just decided to call it quits and just cut them all shorter than the nicks. I still have the middle and ring finger with a little glue to keep the nail together, as there are small faint splits on the side of each nails, but the rest are "au naturel". Of course, I can't have one hand with short nails, and the other with long nails, so I chopped off the ones in my left hand too. *pouts*

In the process, I thought:"Hey! Why not treat them with proper products, so they can grow thicker and/or stronger?" So I went to Jean Coutu Pharmacy, and purchased 2 products that, according to the beauty adviser, are sure to help me in my quest for healthier nails. Mavala Nail Shield ($17.99)  and Mavala Cuticle Oil ($11.99). Okay, the cuticle oil isn't suppose to give me stronger nails, but surely won't hurt! Here's what the boxes look like:

Their claim for fame and ingredients, as seen on the side of each boxes:

Cuticle Oil:"Keeps Cuticles soft and supple. Cuticle Oil softens skin and gently loosens the cticle from the nai. This permits the nail to grow freely and enables you to shape a perfect nail contour."  ---   Ingredients: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid, BHT, Fragrance (Parfum), Geraniol, Citronellol, Limonene, Eugenol, Linalool.

Nail Shield: "Reinforces and protects nails. This specific action protects the nail plate and allows nails to grow stronger and longer."   ---    Ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Ethily Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetyle Tributyl Citrate, Phthalic Anhydride/Trimellitic Anhydride/Glycols Copolymer, Magnesium Silicate, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Nylon-66, Adipic Acid/Fumaric Acid/Phthalic Acid/Tricyclodecane Dimenthanol Copolymer, Benzophenone-1, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491).

I applied the Cuticle Oil as indicated. I had never done this before, but how hard can it be, right? It has a little fragrance, but it's nothing sickening that can't be tolerated. If I had to describe the smell, I'd say it smells a little like mink oil. I rubbed it all over the cuticles, and let it be for a few minutes. Then I rubbed off the excess oil on each nails with a paper towel.

Then I applied the Nail Shield. As you've seen in the picture above, the nail shield contains 2 bottles. The first bottle is a Nylon Fibre Base. The brush is bigger than most brushes, round and bulky, but the product applies evenly. The package says to let it dry until you see "the tiny nylon fibers form a protective network over the nail surface to give extra support as the nail grows." I didn't see them at first, but then when I looked under a bright light, I saw what I would describe as a very tiny spider web. It also felt a little rough, but nothing too dramatic. 

Then you apply the content of the second bottle, the Sealer. The brush is thinner than the one for the base; it looks like a normal brush. The Sealer has a pinkish hue, and also applies without any problem. The brush glides on the nail, and you can't see strokes once it's dry. They say to apply 2 coats if you can still feel a little roughness, so I did. 

Under the right light, I still see the little spiderweb on my nails. It's faint, though, and you really have to stop to look at it to be able to see it. Though my nails are about 2mm long, the tips do feel stronger, as they don't bend easily. I'll leave it that way for a day, and do a regular mani tomorrow to see what it looks like with this underneath regular polish.

I'd say it takes about 2-3 weeks for my nails to grow to a desired length. I'll keep using the product until then, hoping to see a difference. I'll put in a progress report each week, to see what it looks like. I've never paid so much for nail care products before, so I'm hoping it's worth it! I'm a little on the cheap side, but I was willing to shell out a little more, if it can help.

I'm also going to start applying cream to my hands before going to sleep. The air is getting colder, so my skin will start drying soon. This will most likely help out as well, because my nails tend to break because they're a little on the dry side.

 Here's what my nails look like today, with the cuticle oil, 1 coat of nylon base and 2 coats of sealer:

So here it is, folks, a little experiment on my part! Stay tuned for more!

Questions, suggestions, anecdotes, etc? Feel free to leave a comment! ;D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Glittery Purple French


What we have here today is a French manicure with a little glitter underneath. Here it is:

What I use:

- Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment (as a base coat)
- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Potion
- Wet n Wild Wild Shine #435G Sparkled
- Rimmel #100 Base & Top Coat 

To be perfectly honest, I do not like Purple Potion, as it is very hard to apply. I thought that maybe it was too thick, so I diluted the polish a little. But even thinner, the application is very uneven, and it takes a lot of patience to have a uniform look on the nail (i.e. 3-4 coats). I bought it on sale at Walmart for like $1.50, and I thought it was a good deal. Maybe I got a bad one, it's always a possibility. Regardless, it's still usable for a small part of the finger nail. I use it on my toes as well, 'cause the unevenness doesn't show as much when looking from a distance. ;) 

Gosh, it is so good to be able to talk about this!! Thanks for passing by! If you feel like it, leave a comment, a suggestion, or just a hello! 



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Very first nail arts

Hi guys!

So today, I will talk about my very first attempts at nail art. As I previously stated, I've been doing this for only about a month.

My very first try was on my toes. I was tired of my toes being all pink, so I needed a change. I decided to paint my toes all black. Now, that in itself wasn't bad, but made my feet look dirty. So I needed to do something else. I had my trusty French tip pen with me at the time, so I just did some diagonal stripes on top of the black. Here's what it looked like:


For this, I used:
- Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment (as a base coat)
- Maybeline Salon Expert #700 Black Is Black
- Nailene Pearly White French Tip pen
- no top coat

Sorry for the appearance of my toes!


For my first attempt on my finger nails, it went a little better. I already had the pretty shiny green on my nails, but was getting tired of it by itself. So I painted half in diagonal with black, and did some little dots using a toothpick. Here's what it looked like: 

In a dark room, with a flash


In a bright room, no flash.

What I used:
- Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment (as a base and top coat)
- Rimmel 60 Seconds #819 Green With Envy
- Maybeline Salon Expert #700 Black Is Black

Hope you guys enjoyed it! See you soon! :D

Friday, September 3, 2010


Hi! Take off your shoes, and come have a seat. 

I'll start with a little introduction. I'm a technical support associate for a telecommunication company. Since I work in a call center, and I know pretty much all the troubleshooting steps by heart, I started to do my nails at work. Nothing fancy, just a base coat and a color, or a French mani. I'm also allowed to surf the web, so I started typing random things in Google, to learn about different subjects. Then, about a month ago, came nail art. I was immediately fascinated by this amazing world that had just opened up to me!

Of course, I still have a lot to learn. I don't have much in my arsenal yet, though I'm slowly growing my collection. I've recently purchased 3 rhinestone wheels, and a few dotting tools, that I'm expecting in the mail over the next few weeks.

Since I don't have many people to talk nail art with, and I'm starting to get my Hun pretty nuts over this, I've decided to start my own blog. I was amazed to discover that so many people out there were ticking for all of this too! I have to say, this made me feel more normal! I've read so many blogs over the past few days, that my head is still spinning!

I'm trying to change my manicure once a week. Since I'm just starting, I have a little trouble coming up with my own ideas, so I'm always on the lookout for inspiration. I came up with my own design this afternoon for a GlamGeekChic's giveaway, and that was really the first adventurous thing I did (I'll post about it at another time).

I will mostly post about my designs, what I've learned, what I've used, what tips and tricks I've read, and maybe more. I have honestly no idea where this is going to go, and it's fine by me! 

Oh, another thing. I'm also learning this blog thing, which is why it looks a little bland for now. I intend to learn how this works too! Projects, they never stop!

So stick around!