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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Swatches (picture heavy)

Yay! New post! It contains a few pictures, so I apologize in advance if this causes any inconveniences. ;)

First off, here's Sally Hansen HD Hue. Application wise, it was good, but the polish is a little transparent. In this picture, I have 2 coats on my pinky and middle fingers, and 3 coats on my ring and index fingers.

I had another similar yellow in my collection, and thought I'd try them on top of each other. It made Hue look a little more opact, but you can see the other color underneath because I lack skills at juxtaposition. :P 

Next, we have Joe Fig. Nice color, and good application, but you need 3 coats for the color to look nice. It takes about 2-3 minutes for each coats to dry, but the 3rd one may take a little longer. The little bumps you see in the picture are caused by my sucky top coat at the time, nothing to do with Fig.
Moving on to Joe Wine. It applied nicely, and you can get away with just 2 coats. I did 3, just in case, because in some lights, it looked like some uneven patches were seen. Dries within 3 minutes, at most 4 for the last coat. This is the only "good" picture that came out of like 10. For some reason, my camera hated it.
Then we have Joe Matte Top Coat. I paired it over Joe Wine. It made Wine pop so much more in matte than shiny, and I fell in love with matting everything! :P By the time I was done my 2nd hand, my first hand was completely dry.
And lastly, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Berry Swift. That one, I applied over fake tips, so you may not have the same experience as I did. For starters, the brush is huge. It's the size of 2 brushes, really, and the wand is triangle shaped. The first coat applied like a dream. So easy, it glided and every nails were done within 2 brush glides. It dries pretty quickly, I'd say within a minute. But if you get some on your cuticles, by the time you grab an orange stick, it's already dry. And it's a pain to remove from said cuticles. I applied a 2nd coat the next day, and it didn't apply as well. For starters, the brush itself got a few strands loose, like the brush was too big to enter the orifice of the bottle, and the strands on the side lifted up. The polish itself felt like it was drying instantly, and I was afraid it'd streak. Thankfully, the only nail that streaked was my right thumb, but it doesn't show that much. On to the picture. Sorry for the poor cleanup job; as I said, very hard to remove from cuticles.

I'm gonna try the Xtreme Wear polishes at the end of the week, most likely. I'm gonna wait for my current NOTW to start chipping, and then fill out my gel mani. 

Thanks for reading, and see ya next time! ;D

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