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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Piggy Paint Polish mani


I'm such a ditz when it comes to catching up, it's unbelievable. Back in January, I won maRyya's (Konad Addict) giveaway sponsored by Piggy Paint Polishes.  I was so incredibly surprised, 'cause I never really win anything, yet so glad at the same time 'cause I really wanted to try these cute polishes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I ordered Girls Rock! and two 3D nail art stickers packs, that arrived I'd say within a week or so. Their staff is very friendly and efficient. I had a problem with my code (for something that was my fault), and they fixed it right away, within 24 hours. Super impressed with their service. Here are pictures of my loot:

Of course, I was super excited to try out these products as soon as I got them. Here's 2 coats of Girls Rock!, with 3D stickers.

The polish applies really well, but you can't really pass many times on the same spot. The above picture has 2 coats. It's a bitch to remove, though! I use 100% acetone to remove my polish, normally, but this one just.. I don't know how to explain it, it just.. Rolled? Like you know when you receive a sample in the mail and it's attached to the letter or coupon with some sort of sticky gummy thingy? Well the polish turns into that sticky gummy thingy like substance. Maybe it's different if you use no acetone or just acetone based remover, but with pure acetone, it's not easily removed. 

Nevertheless, the polish stayed for 4 days on my nails without problem. Only one of my nail chipped, the others just had a little normal tip wear. When it chipped, though, my base coat was still on my nail, so only the polish chips. I'll definitely try this polish again.

I like the 3D stickers I tried. I would've liked to put stars on all the nails, but there were not enough of the same size/color, so I had to accent only a few nails. 

So here it i! :D Do you like it? Do you own any Piggy Paint polishes yourself? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for coming by!

GabZ ♥

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