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Monday, March 28, 2011

Woe is me and leopard print mani

Hi guys!!

Today, a tale of great sorrow: from long nails to short nails. Yeah, I wanted to keep my nails as long as possible, to see just how long I could get them to grow. Here's what they looked like about 2 weeks ago:

 The pointer and middle fingers have patches on them, and it was about time I redo them. You can clearly see the tear in the middle finger, eh?

There's a patch on the thumb, which you can see.

And so after redoing the patches and watching them grow for just a little bit more, some other nails tore and I just thought it'd be better to cut them short and let them grow again. I just hope it won't take too much time!! Here's what they look now:

I just took a picture of my right hand, because I had already started to put on the base font for my leopard print mani, seen below. I tried to cut them so short that there wouldn't be any more tears, but there are still 5 of them with a tear, and 1 that I just put on the gel resin on it to make it a little stronger. It was thinner where a patch used to be.

Here's the leopard prints mani:

And here's what I used:

- Seche Clear base coat
- Borghese Biscotti Beige
- Nail Star Two-Way Pen & Brush in brown
- Seche Vite top coat
- Kiss Nail Artist Fine Art Pen in black (missing on the picture)

So for a few more weeks, you'll get a few posts from the vault. I'm not really sure how inspired I'll be by my new nubbins. They're at their shortest since maybe August last year, when I first started "nail arting".

Alright! So thanks for coming by!

GabZ ♥

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