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Monday, December 6, 2010

Viva La Nail Mani


I received my sample kit from Viva La Nail last week. (You can order yours here: Click!)

Notice anything? Yup, it's missing a water decal pack. I've written to Viva La Nail, and guess what? They're sending the missing pack to me! At first, I just wanted to let them know it was missing a piece, without really thinking about getting it. But I was happily surprise that they offered to send it my way, and for responding to me within 24 hours. 

I've tried the water decals first, 'cause they seemed so cool, and I had never tried any before. So easy, and look better than stickers. I chose the festive pack, and put a decal on my ring finger and thumb, over 3 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure #440 Calypso Blue. Of course, I've put on a top coat (Nicole's Top Coat Plus). Here's what it looks like:

Here's the ring finger:

Here's the thumb:

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the end result. I will definitely incorporate them in future manis!

Thanks for coming by!

GabZ ♥

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