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Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekend Haul, Viva La Nail, Stamped Kisses


Since this will be pretty picture heavy, I want to apologize in advance. I have tons of new goodies I received/bought over the week, and I wanted to show you guys!

First, I want to say that Viva La Nail rocks, big time baby! Remember my last post about them? It was missing a water decal, and they kindly offered to send it to me. Well imagine my surprised when I got a whole new sample pack in the mail this week. I am so impressed with their customer service skills, and I will definitely buy from them again. Here are the stickers and decals I got this time:

Last weekend, I got to Rimouski, and while my sister-in-law was shopping for shoes, I went into the dollar store. Here's what I got:

 Ultra fine glitter!
 To store the glitter without a mess
 Different shape rhinestones

And when I came looking out for her in the Aldo, look what I found:
"Twilight Rendez-Vous Prune Givrée" & " Hit The Pavement Perfecto"

Now after that, we went to Winners. Have you ever been to one? Last time I went, I bought 5 Borghese polishes for $15.99, when the original price for just one of these babies is $13.99 at my local drug store. I think it's like the equivalent of Marden's in the US. Well this time, here's what I found:
Can you believe it?! Sèche Vite for $7.99! I thought I'd have to buy it online, as I don't have a beauty store in my area (the closest is like a 3hr drive..) So that's why I bought 2 bottles.

I also got these:

And this pack also came with 2 packs of stencils:

And then on Monday, I went to the mail box, and I picked up my stamper/scratcher combo:

So of course, with all these new toys, I had to try them on! Here's the mani I did 2 days ago:

This is 1 coat of Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat Pro, with 2 coats of Twilight Rendez-Vous Prune Givrée, 1 coat of Sèche Vite, stamped the kisses on BM02 plate using Hit The Pavement Perfecto, topped with another coat of Sèche Vite. I realize the stamping isn't that visible, but it's just because I thought that if I'd mess up the stamping, I wouldn't have to redo my mani. I have 4 nails with a little bandage, and I didn't want to spend time to redo them all again!

Twilight applied a little streaky for the first coat, but a second coat evened everything out. As for Sèche Vite, I have to say I now understand what all the fuss is about. Wow! By the time I was done my thumb, my pinky was already dry to the touch. The only downside to SV is the tip shrinkage.. It may just be a reaction to the Twilight polish, but I think I read another blogger having the same reaction. So.. If anyone has any tips to prevent the shrinkage, it'd be much appreciated!

So here's the giga post for tonight! Thanks for reading me, and for taking the time to come by!

Next, there will be the Holiday manicures I made last Friday, for the my Hun's and brother's Christmas party.

GabZ ♥


  1. What a great service from Viva La Nails! I'm very impressed!
    What a good deal you got from the dollar store, it will look so pretty on your nails!
    I never tried stencils before, would you do a tutorial showing how to use them? I'd love to see it!!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. I've never used the stencils myself, but I certainly can document my first try! ;)


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