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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday manicures


Whoo! Almost a week since I last posted! I guess time caught up with me, eh. 

Christmas is 2 days away, and for once I'm actually ready to welcome it with all my shopping done! I put up the tree on Tuesday, and we've put all the presents underneath it. I can't wait to see my Hun's face when he opens his main gift!! I really outdid myself this year, I think. 

Back to manicures! As promised, here are the manicures my sister-in-law and I wore to our men's job's Christmas party. 

 My sister-in-law's manicure

I forgot to take a picture of what I used, but I'll tell you. First, I put on a coat of Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat Plus. Then I put on 2 coats of Joe Fig. Then I painted half of the nail diagonally with Maybeline Salon Expert #700 Black Is Black. I painted the other half of the nail with Wet n Wild Wild Shine #435G Sparkled. Then I did the little dots with the same black. I topped it off with 1 coat of Nicole's Top Coat Pro.

My manicure
What I used
I started up with 1 coat of Sally Hansen 4-in-1 treatment, followed by 3 coats of Apple Bottoms Club Queen. Then I used  Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush in green to make the leaves of the mistletoe, and added 3 2mm red rhinestones. I topped everything with a coat of Nicole's Top Coat Pro.

I enjoyed doing my sister-in-law's nails. It was different working on someone else's nails. I didn't quite know how to position her hand to make it easy. I'm super proud of the result, as you can see the lines aren't straight, and the little dots aren't the same shape and spaced the same. But she was happy with her nails and I was super excited to have done my first manicure on someone else! 

I'm not sure if I'll write another post before next week, so I want to take this opportunity to wish you guys the best Holidays, to you and all your family. ;)


GabZ ♥

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