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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pearly white French


Here's a 2 for 1 mani today, as I did the same on my fingers and toes. I just used different stickers. 

I don't know about you, but I find that really white French manicures always look like they're fake. It may be very well done on natural nails, but to me, I think it makes my nails look fake. 

Last summer, for my brother's wedding, I was chosen maid of honor by my then future-sister-in-law. This was an amazing feeling to be chosen for that important function! Of course, wedding also means pictures are gonna be taken. I had grown my nails extra long for the occasion, and I wanted to do my own nails. I didn't trust the 2 last nail techs I had gone to, so I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. 

While at the pharmacy, I wanted to buy a French tip pen. I took the wrong one by mistake, and it was a really great mistake to make! Instead of taking a regular white pen, I took the pearly white pen. It just looks amazing! I think it looks classier than a regular white, and it doesn't look fake. I've been using the same pen since, so it means there's a lot of applications in that little pen.

On to the manicures! I realize the one on my toes is a little shaky, as I didn't use any guides. Looking at it up close, it shows, but from up above, it looks good.

What I used:
- Sally Hansen 4-in-1 Treatment (base coat)
- Nailene Pearl White French Tip Pen
- L.A. Colors Art Deco NA903 Silver Glitter
- Nailene Groovy Chick Nail Art stickers
- Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus

It's hard to distinguish which stickers I used for my thumb and ring finger, but I used a butterfly for the thumb, and some dots for the ring finger. I'm learning how to use my camera, and I think I've found how to use the macros properly. So in about 3 manis, you'll have a proper one! :P

Ciao for now! ;)

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