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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Revlon swatches

Here's the first swatches from my mini haul. I'm starting with the Revlon Top Speed Jaded and Lily.

I do realized the quality sucks. The battery had died, and I had to use the one on my cellphone. And I just realized that I haven't cleaned up the cuticles, so please forgive me!

 More swatches to come, so stay tuned!

EDITED on 09/27 (12:48am (AST)), to add:
Susie's comment made me realized that I didn't really talked about anything, lol! Thanks for these questions, otherwise, I never would've realized! ;D

Application wise, it takes at least 2 coats to get an even finish. Jaded was 3 coats, but Lily has 2. It dries pretty quickly, so by the time I was done the last nail in my hand, the first one was already dry to touch. The brushes glided fairly well, didn't have any problem with the application in general. The formula was a bit thin, to be honest, but it was still manageable.


  1. Both really pretty. How was the application? How many coats?

  2. Thanks for the questions, Susie! It made me realized I hadn't done anything but show the pretty colors. I edited my post to explain a little better. ;) Cheers!

  3. Thanks for adding how many coats and the application. They are beauties for sure.

  4. Hey I have these ones too. I also have brownish and darker pink ones. I like the lighter ones best. Nicky


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